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'Unlocked' Sky Arts Commissioning opportunity

Listen to the Sky Arts Commissioning Podcast

‘Unlocked: What does it mean to be free?’ is the focus of this commissioning opportunity and applications are now open.

We are looking to fund and support the creation of 10 short films made by artists who live in, work in or have a significant connection to Coventry and the CV postcode. The city's brightest visual, musical and performing arts talents are invited to pitch short form film projects for broadcast on Sky Arts, as part of the UK City of Culture year.

You can find out more about the opportunity and in addition to reading the Commissioning Brief, you may want to listen to our podcasts.

Tune in for advice

The team behind the opportunity want to receive applications from a diverse range of artists and so have created a podcast and series of short audio clips in which they share with you their thoughts on the projects they are looking to commission and the support that is available.

The featured guests include:

How Sky Arts will share the films

The final commissioned films will be broadcast on Sky Arts! Vanessa Woodard and Fiona Morris share more details about what that will entail, and how you can really maximise this opportunity on your own social media channels.

Duration: 3:10

Who is this opportunity for?

Paul O’Donnell, co-director of Shoot Festival in Coventry and Warwickshire explains who the panel think this opportunity is for.

Duration: 03:02

What is a Sky Arts audience looking for?

Sky Arts Head of Partnerships, Vanessa Woodard gives an insight into who their audience is.

Duration: 0:39

We want to hear your stories. Introduce yourself to us

Never made a film before? Worried you don’t have enough experience to apply? Listen to one of our commissioning panellists, Fiona Morris before writing your ideas off! We want to hear what you have to say.

Duration: 03:43

How to put together your budget

Confused about putting together a budget as part of your application? Fiona Morris, chief executive of The Space offers advice to those who aren’t too sure.

Duration: 01:34

What is the theme of 'Freedom' about?

Creative director for Coventry City of Culture Trust, Chenine Bhathena gives an insight into what the theme of ‘freedom’ is all about, and the type of artists she hopes will apply for this opportunity.

Duration: 8:21

Last bits of advice

The commissioning panel offers their last minute advice for those applying!

Duration: 02:00

Want to find out more?

Listen in detail to the commissioning podcast in full 

Duration: 39:00

Want further inspiration?

Coventry City of Culture has produced a story board document that may help you connect your thoughts around 'freedom' to the wider City of Culture themes.