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My audience is global

Thanks to digital technologies, cultural and creative organisations are now able to produce great art and distribute it online to a potential global audience. Distances have shortened and access increased, leading to a shift in the way that artists and organisations can engage with the wider public.

Audiences are discovering work online, talking about it and sharing it within and across their own networks. This not only helps organisations extend and diversify their audience, but also has an impact upon the range of art that can be created, the ways in which it can be created - and by whom. There is no aspect of artistic practice which isn’t being revolutionised by the web and digital technologies.

Using digital to develop relationships with audiences globally

With this in mind, we have approached a number of respected representatives from across the creative sector to give us their opinions on what this means for artists and institutions, what opportunities and risks it has created and what creatives can do to harness digital to develop more meaningful relationships with arts consumers.

It’s part of our role at The Space to help the arts navigate the changing digital landscape and develop the tools and skills to take advantage of the opportunities afforded and we hope this collection of essays goes some way towards helping with that.

Read the thoughts of: 

  • Filmmaker and photographer Rankin who believes that digital collaboration aids inclusivity, leading to great artworks where communities can self-sustain and create within digital spaces.
  • Playwright and performer Javaad Alipoor who discusses contemporary themes with international audiences through online channels
  • Sam Shetabi is Content Manager at podcasting platform Acast and he provides insight into the ways in which ‘influencers’ can inspire community, engage audiences and provide reach
  • Jay Owens is a writer, researcher and author and she advises on how digital tools can create huge opportunities for even the smallest of institutions
  • CEO and founder of AR platform Poplar, David Ripert, who explains how organisations can go about getting a deeper understanding of their audiences.