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In our latest podcasts, we are looking at the way artists and organisations can use digital when working with communities.

The appetite for working with communities, rather than for them is becoming ever more important. Let’s Create, ACE’s 10-year strategy, prioritises inclusivity and relevancy as a core principle, with the aim of delivering greater access, fairness and opportunity for everyone.

In these ‘cup of tea conversations’ we speak to artists and organisations whose work has community at heart and discuss what makes their approach successful, how they use digital, and how the work is evolving. Each episode lasts around 20 minutes and takes the form of a conversation over a lovely cuppa.

Jan Williams, The Caravan Gallery

Jan Williams, along with partner Chris, runs The Caravan Gallery which records the reality and surreality of everyday life. They specialise in using colour photography that celebrates everyday life and engage people and places that ‘normal’ galleries might not easily reach.

Jan explains how they embed themselves within communities and how they build strong connections within the communities in which they work.

Make friends with caretakers, cleaners, traffic wardens…put yourself out there.’

A yellow caravan is parked in front of a row of shops. Two stripey deck chairs are positioned to the side of the caravan. A white man performs a 'wheelie' on a BMX bike in front of the caravan
A collage of images depict a shopping precinct, a block of flats, a barge on a canal, balls of wool, crocheted hearts.

Sajida Carr, Creative Black Country

Sajida Carr is Director of Operations and Development at Creative Black Country (CBC). The organisation works with communities in Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton to explore and develop new creative projects with local people in the places where they live.

Sajida shares tips on how CBC use digital and analogue as a two-pronged approach, the role of the enabler and facilitator in community lead projects and how their local community advisors keep them connected to the local area.

Robert Howell, Cultrapedia

Robert Howell is from Lancashire-based Culturapedia. The organisation engages its audiences in cultural offerings online, outdoors and on their doorsteps. Robert talks about building communities, working in micro communities and the importance of community ownership.

He also describes how he measures success during a digital project, his understanding of what digital poverty really means and how the organisation has embraced digital technology.

A group of people in a library.One person stands, playing a guitar, wearing a pink raincoat. Some of the seated audience also wear pink raincoats

Conversations with others from across the sector

We’ve spoken with a number of UK artists and organisations to discuss their creative process.

In this series of podcasts, they share insights into how they develop their digital work, how they find an audience and outline lessons learnt throughout the process.


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