Digital Rights

What is required to publish arts content digitally?

We know that rights can be one of the single biggest obstacle to sharing your work online.

That’s why The Space has been talking with rights holders, arts organisations and arts representatives including the Musicians’ Union, Equity and the Writers’ Guild about pulling together a new digital rights framework that everyone could work to.

As part of this work we have produced a digital rights toolkit and a range of other resources to try to make it easier for everyone approaching the subject.

Below, you will find links to a number of resources including an introduction to what we mean by digital rights, things to think about when approaching a contract by digital rights expert Ben Green, top tips from leading producers in the field of stage-to-screen; and, a digital rights lexicon that defines the terms around digital rights to help artists and rights holders to know what’s being negotiated.

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Getting started

Contracting for Digital Rights Where are we now in terms of contracting for digital rights? Expert Ben Green outlines the current landscape.
A lexicon for digital rights Working to set out some common terminology or a ‘lexicon’ of different digital uses and rights
A beginner’s guide to digital rights Wanting to clear digital rights? We look at what arts organisations need to think about before embarking on a project.

Practical tips from producers

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Case studies

Kes Reimagined – From stage to screen Director Ross MacGibbon explains how he brought the spirit of a much loved stage show to the screen for Kes Reimagined
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