Definition of terms

PPV: Pay-per-view

This is where the user pays a one-off fee to access a specific piece of content, for a limited time. This is the type of distribution we will be referring to most in this guide. The term PPV is more or less interchangeable with ‘Transactional Video on Demand’ (TVOD).



SVOD: Subscription Video on Demand

Simply put, this is where the user pays a regular subscription fee to access a library of content, which they can view at any time providing their subscription is active. E.g. Netflix or Marquee.TV.



OTT: Over-the-top

Many of the platforms in this guide describe themselves as ‘OTT’, which is the industry term for content that can be streamed via the Internet, direct to your TV or other device – without a cable or satellite subscription.  Don’t worry too much about the definition, just know that if you see this term, you are likely looking in the right place.