How to find the best platform

1. Decide what features are most important to you

The case studies in the previous section should provide some food for thought to determine what is important to your organisation or project. It might be that branding is high on your list – that the work appears hosted on your own website and available at the click of a button. It might be that you have a library of work that you want to share, some paid-for, some free, and building up a loyal subscriber base is key for your audiences. It’s important to map this out and factor it into the brief for platform providers.



2. Contact your CRM provider

Integration with your current CRM system is an important factor for many organisations. Spektrix, for example, has a list of providers that they already know to work with their system – it’s best to contact your provider directly for an up-to-date list.



3. Speak to other organisations

The simplest way to narrow your search for a provider is to speak to other organisations of a similar size/with similar goals to find out who they are using and what their experience has been. Similarly, if you’re using a shortlist provided by your CRM provider or the examples above, ask the platform if they can put you in touch with other companies who are using their service. It’s important to find out what is likely to best suit your needs – both in terms of cost and time.



4. Start small(er) if you need to

If you’re only streaming a couple of shows a year or trialling whether self-publishing is for you, you could try a platform with no upfront fees to see how you get on. Many of the companies in this guide started with another system before finding the right fit for them. For this reason, it’s important to check how long you’re tied into a service for. Some platforms also offer a free trial, so be sure to properly test all options before deciding which one is right for your project.