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Animated image of time machine in a woodland The transition from physical to immersive theatre

Thinking of working with immersive tech? Creative Director of MBD, Paul Long talks about the opportunities and offers his top tips

A woman dancing in front of camera man Big questions to ask before any performance capture project

Thinking about embarking on a performance capture project? Here are some of questions to ask yourself

Stills from Cephalopod Aliens 2019 Programming the weird: A guide to quantum computing for artists

What are the possibilities created by quantum computing? Libby Heaney examines how this new technology can be used to inspire, provoke and create art

A close-up of a woman singing with her hands up Awards for Space Commissions

Take a look at the awards that Space commissions have won!

Big questions to ask before any performance capture project

Performance capture projects take a lot of preparation to do well, so here are some of questions to ask yourself before you commit any serious time or money to it.

A photograph of a builder with two people projected onto it digitally How to conduct an online audience audit

Conduct an online audit of your audience to find out who they are, what they like and what they respond to

Virtual reality: a beginners’ guide for the arts

Award-winning Catherine Allen, Director of Limina Immersive explains how arts organisations can start to experiment with the possibilities of virtual content.

A photo of a hand next to an Apple laptop Online Abuse – A Toolkit for the Cultural Sector

Is online abuse a problem for the cultural sector? Here's a guide to help you protect yourself and your organisation