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Need inspiration or advice on how to deliver great art on digital platforms? We've got together with a range of partners to bring you content and guides to help with everything from creative development and production using technologies such as VR or 360 filming, to live streaming and performance capture, to finding an audience online and measuring success. Here's the how-to.

Build skills

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Two ladies planning project on tablet

Start a project

Tips and tools for how to start thinking about a new project

TypeGuide, Creative development, Production
The full Northern Ballet cast in 1984

Finding an audience

Having content is great, but what’s the point if you have no audience? Gain practical insight into how you can reach, engage and grow your audience online.

TypeBlog, Audiences
Gorilla illustration

Economies of Experience

Ben Murray visits the Economies of Experience Conference to examine the future of digital, performative and game culture.

TypeGuide, Creative development
Violin orchestra side on, showing playing hands close up

Not for the likes of you part 2

Mel Larson, a freelance marketing strategist, brings you Part 2 of a video training series about how arts organisations can attract a broader audience.

TypeGuide, Audiences, Production
Creative images, hand drawn, with artist equipment around, showings hands creating design

Maximising audience engagement on social networks

Abhay Adhikari, Digital Strategist and Innovation Consultant details practical tips such as building a narrative voice, themes and initiatives and audience participation.

TypeGuide, Audiences, Creative development