We commission projects across all art forms and cultural disciplines, from live streaming performances to immersive experiences, online collections and digital storytelling. Scroll down for a selection of some of the projects we’ve commissioned.

Laura Horton holding a colourful skirt among a collage of other clothing, on a light pink background Hidden By Things

A digital community campaign and podcast encouraging people to buy pre-loved items and recycle, sharing stories through clothing.

Black and dark red My Sound Cinema logo with tiles of available films against a white background My Sound Cinema

My Sound Cinema is the first online film VOD platform dedicated to audio described film and designed specifically with the blind and vision impaired community in mind.

Leaflets about the WOVEN festival on a table with sheets of colourful pressed flowers Growing Colour Together

Documentary short which profiles textile artists working with natural dyes in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, showing how individual action can make a broader sustainable impact.

An archive black and white image of people exercising on a beach. The men wear white shirts and light trousers and the women wear pinafore's and bonnets Echoes of the North

Take a trip back in time through music and film - a new film made from more than a hundred fragments of archive film

Animated image of Digbeth, Birmingham. Features a car, buildings, a ghetto blaster and tape casettes. KULTURA Sessions: BRUM

An art gallery in the metaverse. Inspired by music festivals, the KULTURA Sessions: BRUM created a must-see online event featuring a Birmingham-inspired gallery in the metaverse.

Four women from SHOWWOMEN in leopard print dresses sit on a rug SHOWWOMEN: The Film

Exploring the legacy of working-class women in variety and circus in a spectacular new short film from Olivier award-winning performance maker Marisa Carnesky

A group of young people gathered around the camera in colourful clothes Secret Summer

Stand and Be Counted (SBC) Theatre's interactive digital-meets-live experience with refugee and asylum-seeking children in Yorkshire

A man in a red waist coat playing the xylophone Create your own symphony with Oily Cart

Conduct your own symphony with Oily Cart's interactive, sound-based website

A performance from Truth to Power Cafe with people on stage with a large heart in the background Truth to Power Café

Young people from Rotherham aged 14 to 25 speak powerful truths about something important to them