Moving towards a more accessible digital future

The potential of a more accessible cultural sector

At The Space, we want to support the creative and cultural sectors create accessible digital content and work in more inclusive, accessible ways.

We convened an Accessibility Working Group with Disabled arts practitioner, curator, consultant and international activist Zoe Partington and Disabled activists, artists and industry professionals. Together, we started to build a picture of the current obstacles, industry needs and the radical potential of a more accessible cultural sector.

To create and drive a change, we need to ask the questions that help us think differently about how we create digital content and challenge assumptions about what culture looks like.

We have produced a number of resources – below – which are also available in accessible formats.


A person looks into the camera. They wear a dark hoodie. Bright lights, are behind, they are possibly in a nightclub.

Our resources

Digital Accessibility: Best Practice We’ve collated some best practice guidelines from existing sources and the contributions of our Accessibility Working Group members.
Digital Accessibility: It’s time for a cultural shift Moving towards more inclusive, accessible digital working practices and content creation.
Our Digital Accessibility Commitments Our commitments to improving digital accessibility.

Accessible formats

It’s time for a cultural shift

We believe inclusivity and creativity should go hand-in-hand and that digital accessibility should be woven into digital content creation.

Almost 16 million people in the UK identify as Deaf, Disabled, or Neurodivergent. This means that one in four of us may experience barriers to accessing arts and culture in our lifetime.

We would argue that change has to be instigated at the top level by arts organisations and funders and there needs to be a strategic and practical shift in how we think to understand the societal bias towards the Non-disabled experience.

Best practice guidelines

In early 2023 we convened an Accessibility Working Group with artists, activists and industry professionals, all committed to improving digital access to the arts.

The group identified a lack of consistent information and a central pool of knowledge as pressing issues. We have pulled together a set of best practice guidelines from existing sources and the invaluable contributions of our Working Group members.

Our commitments – BSL video

The Space’s commitments to digital accessibility.

When we use the term digital accessibility, we are referring to the extent to which everybody, regardless of their physical or neurological experience of the world, can engage with online arts and culture content with the same ease.

Our commitments to improving digital accessibility are rooted in our core values.