Values and commitments

Three core values shape how we work:


It is essential that diverse perspectives and experiences are represented across the creative landscape and that underrepresented artists and organisations are heard.

We are committed to redressing the significant barriers and discrimination that artists and creatives from diverse backgrounds face in building creative work, careers and profiles. We work to equip diverse artists and organisations with the digital skills, expertise and confidence to get their stories and talent to larger broadcast and digital audiences.

A person, seated holds a round musical instrument to their mouth. The other person pictured, stands opposite them, supportively, smiling and encouraging. The instrument is attached to the standing person via a cord around their neck.
People sit and stand in a small editing studio, all looking intently at a screen. Some wear facemasks.


We know that collaboration and partnerships are the best way to achieve our objectives and that we are strengthened by working closely with other creatives and partners. We are open in sharing our insights and knowledge. We are excited to learn from and work with people with complementary skills, experience and connections. We believe that, through co-operation, we can achieve far greater impact: in local places, nationally and internationally.

We also want to enable partnerships between those who are producing cultural content and the broadcasters and online platforms that can distribute their work globally. In doing this, we aim to showcase the diversity of UK culture at home and abroad.


We have a responsibility to ensure public value and benefit in all we do and for those we work with and for. We are committed to fair pay, treating individual artists and freelancers fairly and equitably, ensuring they own the rights to their creative work and receive the recognition they deserve.  We aim to work in an environmentally responsible way, encouraging those we support to do likewise and to contribute to addressing the climate crisis.

Artist France-Lise McGurn in front of a painting

Our commitments


  • We independently evaluate our programmes to ensure that diverse perspectives and experiences are represented and share our findings.


  • We work to dismantle the barriers to inclusion that many people face and to ensure that online cultural experiences are accessible to everyone (read our Digital Accessibility Commitments below)


  • We work with our commissioned projects and content producers to explore how they can undertake digital production projects ethically and in an environmentally responsible manner.


  • Artists and creative practitioners will feel that they are treated fairly and equitably for their role in the projects we support.


  • We continue to address the shortage of cultural sector workers with digital skills and provide career development support for freelancers in the arts, culture, and heritage sector.


  • With our other sector partners, we work to develop a better understanding of the value and impact digital work can achieve.


  • We continue to iterate and be innovative in how we work. We are agile and responsive to the changing needs of those we support.