What We Do

We support the arts, culture and heritage sectors to create digital content and experiences that entertain, inspire and educate their audiences and visitors. We aim to increase digital skills and creativity amongst those producing digital cultural content and also to increase public engagement with it.

We do this through commissioning new digital work as well as providing training, mentoring, action research and strategic consultancy. We work with a range of public funders, broadcasters, regional and local government and other partners to deliver our activities.

We are excited by a world where people can experience a live theatre performance from the comfort of their homes, curate a fascinating exhibition in a museum using their mobile phones, be fully immersed and invested in an interactive story or enjoy the exhilaration of climbing Mount Everest in 3D whilst sitting in their local library.   


Our role is to help make these and similar amazing experiences available and accessible to all.     


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Funded Programmes


Building skills

We need you to help us reach more people with great art.

If you’re an arts organisation or arts professional, we’re here to help you embed digital content, technologies and online platforms into your thinking and practice. We commission arts projects, and we offer support with developing them – from advice and guidance to help getting your work out there.

But we know you don’t always need a commission. So we’re also on hand to offer digital skills training, events and resources, too.

Reaching new audiences

We think art should be for everyone. So we want to tackle the things that stop more people seeing it – like geography, or ideas about it not being ‘for them’.

We believe technology can do that, and we’re passionate about helping artists make the most of it by supporting projects that let people enjoy culture in new ways – whether they’re card-carrying arts fans or cultural first-timers.

We’re especially interested in reaching wide and varied audiences.