We commission projects across all art forms and cultural disciplines, from live streaming performances to immersive experiences, online collections and digital storytelling. Scroll down for a selection of some of the projects we’ve commissioned.

Black and white archive picture of a rural house on Orkney with a woman collecting water from a stream in a bucket in the foreground. Orkney Sound Waves

Lyrical and immersive audio ballad that travels across time via the Orkney Library & Archive's reel-to-reel recordings.

Still from the play smile. Actor playing Jim McLean is in the foreground of the wrecked living room with another actor in the background. Smile

Play about Dundee United manager Jim McLean, captured in VR180 and presented online using experimental VR theatre platform Box Office VR.

Picture of the back and front screen of a mobile phone with a picture of the House music app. House Music

Online app that allows users to make collaborative electronic music using a fun interface based around household objects.

Young male dancer in casual clothes leaping among hung sheets on a rooftop. elemental

Short dance film in response to the theme of climate change, looking at catastrophes such as tsunamis and wildfires, and interpreting this as dance for the camera.

Map of the world with yellow pins in it to mark submissions to Sounds of the Forest. Sounds of the Forest

Global forest soundmap, that also serves as an archive of ecosystems under threat, made up from submissions from people across the world.

Logo for the podcast Artists, Ideas, Now. Fuchsia pink background with dark blue lettering and Arabic patterns around the edge. Artists | Ideas | Now – Egypt and the Climate Crisis

Podcast series talking to artists from Egypt and Egyptian heritage about climate crisis, environment, protest and change.

Screenshot of 'This is Kneehigh' archive website. A colourful collage of productions. This is Kneehigh

This project digitises and publishes key elements of the Kneehigh Archive in an interactive website to preserve and promote the Kneehigh legacy.

Young women from different backgrounds standing together to protest. Fly the Flag

Fly The Flag 2022 invited young people across the four nations of the UK to respond to Article 20 of the UDHR: the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

Two South Asian women in neutral colours and long flowing hair embrace. Cultivate

A short dance film that responds to the current climate crisis affecting the UK and global community.