A handheld camera records action Commissioning resources – 2023

Guidance and templates to help you complete your application to the 2023 Commissioning Round

One person stands and is silhouetted against a light blue wall. Another person lies on the floor next to them. The standing person wears a VR headset. The world has moved on from 360 video

Technological advances provide new ways for the cultural sector to create. But how do we choose which trends to follow and which to approach with caution?

TikTok logo on a screen How to use TikTok creatively

Making TikTok works requires an understanding of the platform and latest trends

An arrow pointing upwards What to consider before using TikTok

Considering TikTok within your social strategy? Here are some of the considerations

Two images of people using VR Headsets. On the left image a person wears a stripy jumper, a white VR headset and their arms are raised. They wear a glow stick bracelet on their left wrist. The right hand image shows a person standing in front of a picture of an eye. They wear a white VR headset. The lighting is dark in each image. Some of the best VR and AR experiences in the arts

We take a look at the new and interesting ways storytellers are engaging audiences

An animated image depicting a street in Digbeth, Birmingham. Red bricked buildings line each side of the street, with pavementsand bollards on each . A silver table and 2 chairs is positioned on the right hand pavement. The city scape is featured in the background. Building and Sharing Digital Worlds

How recreating real world settings online can help connect with local audiences in innovative ways