Creative digital training for West Midlands Libraries

March 12, 2024

Free webinar series

Throughout March and April, The Space will host a series of webinars for library staff to help them find out more about producing creative digital content. The sessions will explore the ways in which library staff can interact with their communities online and provide guidance, support and build confidence through interactive talks and workshops.

Two women, one white, one south asian talk in a library

Build skills and learn from others

Week 1 – Commissioning Digital Content

Wednesday 20th March, 3:00pm – 4:30pm

In this session, we’ll explore various types of digital content that library services and cultural organisations can delve into, including articles, videos, and social media engagement. Learn how to align content with your institution’s objectives and effectively engage users online while leveraging your organisation’s unique selling points. Case studies will be presented to illustrate different formats and resource requirements, providing tangible ideas and insights to fuel your creativity.

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Week 2 – Reaching Audiences/Service Users Online

Wednesday 27th March, 3:00pm – 4:30pm

This session will delve into strategies for identifying, reaching, and engaging with your target audience online. Topics covered will include audience identification, developing a robust marketing strategy, and methods for maintaining audience engagement and retention.

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Week 3 – Empowering Creativity and Innovation at Leeds Library Service’s Studio12

Wednesday 17th April, 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Join us for an insightful overview of Studio12’s innovative approach to fostering creativity and innovation within the Leeds Library Service. Via real life case studies and project examples, Jamie Hutchison will explore Studio12’s approach to empowering creativity and fostering innovation, engaging diverse audiences and envisioning future projects over the last 23 years. The session will also look at wider projects across the service and how it has engaged with its collections in new and interactive ways. The session will look at the Future Directions and Expansion of music library and funding achieved through LIF ACE to expand its offer to wider audiences.

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Week 4 – Funding for Digital Projects, with The Space, ACE, and LibraryOn

Wednesday 24th April, 3-4pm via Zoom 

In our final session, we’ll explore the essential aspects of securing funding for your digital projects. Topics covered will include an overview of ACE project grants, key components of writing a strong funding application, and insights into what funding assessors are looking for. This will be punctuated with key case studies of recent successful projects, and tips on how to manage your creative projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into securing financial support for your digital creations.

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Registration is free and open to all. Secure your spot today by registering via the registration links above.
All webinars are free to attend via Zoom, but need to be booked in advance.