Girls that Geek

February 14, 2024

Exploring careers in arts and tech

During February we supported Girls that Geek at midlands arts centre. It’s an exploratory day that brings together students with industry professionals in a series of informal discussions and experiences to explore opportunities for women working in art and technology.

The event is specifically designed for young women from school year 7 upwards who are considering their career choices and who would like the opportunity to learn from inspirational speakers.

This Girls that Geek day focused on future employment for young women in digital and creative technology – including music production, photography, virtual reality, television and film.


Fantastic talks and discussions from inspiration people, including Dr Rianna Walcott, arts consultant Lara Ratnaraja, artists Anna Nierobisz, Edie Jo Murray, Punam Ramchurn, Eibhlín Kissack and mac’s Artistic Director, Deborah Kermode.

The students spent time trying out tech and speaking to creatives from Phase Space, HUMANHOOD, Associated Architects, STEAMhouse, and artists Sakab B. and Allie J.

A person wearing a hijab wears a VR headset

Digital careers

A range of careers within technology were presented, with topics covering Virtual Reality (VR), television broadcasting, live performance, gaming, photography, music production, and more.