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Nwando Ebizie Something Like Empathy BTS at Distorted Constellations

Capturing Staged Performance for the Screen

Start Time:
29/11/2021, 11:00am
End Time:
29/11/2021, 12:30pm

About the event

In this webinar we’ll share case studies from producers and directors whose work involves reimagining staged work for viewing as a live stream, on demand, or on TV. Our speakers will discuss their approach to rethinking a performance to be captured on camera, and how theatre production teams collaborate creatively and practically with peers from the world of digital, tv, and video.

We’ll consider planning for a capture, and some of the key issues in production and post-production.  We’ll discover how different production practices mesh together, what perspectives each group bring, and where and how they learn from one another.

And now that audiences expect digitally distributed work, we’ll also consider how theatres and performance companies have developed the expertise needed to deliver high quality captures, and what more can be done to upskill the sector.

The case studies we’ll share:

Park Bench Plays

Birmingham Rep’s Park Bench Plays were originally devised as a pop-up tour around the city in parks, public squares and bus stations, and then commissioned for broadcast on Sky Arts.

To discuss the work, we’re joined by BAFTA crew member Dan Alexander who was involved as both direct/mentor for the whole series and as director of one of the captures, and Leanne Tattum of video production company Method In Motion, who produced the plays for broadcast.

Touching the Void

Earlier this year Bristol Old Vic presented a broadcast of their production of Touching the Void, complete with audience, live from the theatre and then available for a week on demand. Rhodri Huw is a multi-camera director specialising in filming music, theatre, opera and large-scale events for tv and cinema, who mentored the team throughout the live broadcast.

Listen to an audio description of this event.

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