Managing rights for online content

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Managing rights for online content

September 12, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm


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Whether you are translating an existing offering to an online space, or creating something brand new for a digital audience, you may need to obtain permission to incorporate existing work (music, video etc) in your own piece. You may also need to create agreements for how you use the work of your creative team and freelancers or organisations you commission.


We cover:

• What’s involved with securing digital rights.

• How to factor rights and clearances into your production timeline or artistic process.

• Some of the challenges, and pitfalls to avoid.

• Sharing examples of how rights obstacles have prompted alternative creative paths, often to the benefit of the artwork.


Rob Lindsay, Head of Programmes for The Space, discusses this and more with the following industry experts:

Jamie Smith

Jamie is a Partner and Co-Head of the Interactive Group at media and technology law firm Sheridans, focusing on digital content, gaming, animation, AR/VR and digital/interactive media. Previously at The Mill and Sony Playstation among others he has great experience and insight in areas including Contract Law, Game Development, IP/IT, Data Privacy and Software Licensing. 

Alex Hancock

Alex has been a Music Supervisor for over fifteen years. He has worked across TV and film projects including Skins, People Just Do Nothing, The Missing and Baptiste, and has advised The Space on projects where specific soundtracks were sought by artists and creative teams. Alex leads two modules at Point Blank Music School (Intellectual Property and Music Licensing), and spent ten years as an A&R scout.

Lottie Gazzard

Lottie is a Director, Line Producer and Production Manager with over 30 years’ TV experience. She has produced live and pre-recorded shows, ranging from the BBC Proms with a multi-million budget to online streams of performances with a budget of no more than £5k.

Through her vast back-catalogue of work, Lottie knows how rights can prove unique challenges when producing digital versions of arts experiences, and how solutions often come from how we respond to those challenges as artists.

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