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August 7, 2023

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At The Space we are fortunate to work with small and mid-scale cultural organisations and individual creative artists to help broaden and deepen knowledge of where and how digital technologies can engage audiences and promote creativity.

Cover of The Space's Impact Report features a person wearing a VR headset

Using digital for engagement and inclusivity

It’s been a busy 18 months for the team and a great privilege to be able to work with so many creative organisations and artists supporting their digital ambitions.


We are passionate about sharing the stories and experiences of the people and projects we have worked with and have gathered some of this into our 2023 Impact Report.  From fostering creativity and innovation, to increasing access, and breaking down the barriers to inclusion, digital technologies are helping to reach new audiences and creating new ways of experiencing culture.


The report includes a snapshot of our work, an overview of the collaborations and partnerships formed, and considers the priorities we want to focus on going forwards.

“The Space was incredible in that they placed a lot of trust in us to do what we do best. Their guidance and support editorially came at the perfect time, and the detail and consideration they put into their feedback was vital in helping us do the best possible work we could.”

Steven Lake, Diverse City

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