Thomas Goddard uncovered the stories that never made the news.

During a residency at BBC Wales as part of its Making the News programme, artist Thomas Goddard stitched together unused, unseen footage from the newsroom of its LLandaff office. The result is Bulletin – a short film exploring the news behind the news.

Goddard shadowed BBC Wales health correspondent Owain Clarke over the course of a week in which the news agenda was dominated by Wales’s National Health Service. But he chose to use footage “left on the cutting room floor” to create an alternative bulletin that takes a playful look at our relationship with news, revealing what is often hidden from broadcast.

About this artist

Bulletin was commissioned by The Space and Outcasting Moving Image Network, and made as part of the BBC Wales Artist in Residence scheme.

Thomas Goddard is a Swansea-based artist working across film, performance and design. He uses photographs, films and interviews to blur boundaries and reveal the unseen. His film work often explores live performance, participation, and the relationship between documentary and fiction.