Moving Habitats

Moving Habitats are three 30-minute immersive dance participation workshops by Dance East that are available on demand for use in schools and education settings. These bitesize films for primary school aged children (Key Stages 1 and 2) explore environmental issues through creative dance and are available for free.


The Moving Habitats films have been developed to support cross-curricular learning and are a great way to either introduce or embed understanding of the impact of environmental issues on three different habitats:


– The Arctic and Melting Ice Caps
– Oceans and Plastic Pollution
– Coasts and Rising Sea Levels


These films are a great way to either increase, or embed, awareness of environmental issues through a diverse range of dances – encouraging pupils to think about global environmental impacts through the collective power of dance. The lessons are designed to be delivered through a pre-recorded video with a teacher/supporting adult to assist students with the creative tasks, pause the video when requested, and complete differentiation and extension tasks designed to tailor the films/tasks to the student’s needs. The participatory films are 20 minutes long with approximately 10 minutes of pre-planned moments to pause the video and in the individual setting.


You can watch The Arctic and Melting Ice Caps video here:

The other videos and links to related resources are available here.