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Live streaming & filming

Find out streaming and filming your work

Video content is everywhere and streaming and filming events and performances is now an option for anyone with a smartphone. Whether you’re thinking about how you might want to capture a touring production or live stream a forthcoming event, we have compiled a range of resources to help.

Live streaming - low-fi and low cost options

There are many different ways to live stream an event, and no single method is likely to be right every time, so we asked Jason Crouch, a freelance digital consultant with expertise in live streaming, for his top tips regarding affordable options, platforms and kit.

Questions to ask before capturing your production

Performance capture projects can be time-consuming, expensive and take a lot of planning and preparation to do well, so here are some of questions to ask yourself before you commit any serious time or money to it.

Guidance and fundamental do's and don'ts - webinar

In this webinar, the speakers offer advice regarding the pros and cons of live streaming vs on demand and how you can enhancing the quality and impact of your production - and outline the ways in which the decisions you take make all the difference creatively.

How should theatre-makers approach a digital capture?

How can you capture the feel and atmosphere of a live performance? Tom Morris, Artistic Director of Bristol Old Vic, explains how their filmed production of The Messiah retained the emotion and intimacy of the  live performance.

The Encounter - A case study in live theatre

How do you take a hit theatrical show and live stream for the first time? Complicite worked with The Space to take its show The Encounter to a new audience. Find out how an already complex production was right for online streaming and learn the lessons the company has already taken on into a series of further live streams.

Conveying the spirit of dance - from stage to screen

How do you bring a vivid and emotional dance piece from the stage to the screen? Preparation and teamwork are key says Ross MacGibbon, award-winning director of many filmed operas and ballets.