Siobhan Davies is Artistic Director of Siobhan Davies Dance and a renowned British choreographer who rose to prominence in the 1970s. Davies was a founding member of London Contemporary Dance Theatre and in 1982 joined forces with Richard Alston and Ian Spink to create independent dance company Second Stride. Founding Siobhan Davies Dance in 1988, she works closely with collaborating artists to ensure that their own artistic enquiry is part of the creative process. By 2002 she moved away from the traditional theatre circuit and started making work for gallery spaces. Davies applies choreography across a wide range of creative disciplines including visual arts and film. Recent choreographic works have been presented at some of the most prestigious art institutions in the UK and Europe, including Lenbachhaus (Munich), Whitechapel Gallery (London) and Turner Contemporary (Margate).

Siobhan Davies
Siobhan Davies Dance, material rearranged to be at Bluecoat, 2017. Photo Brian Roberts

Future Recollections presented 6 short films in which Siobhan Davies examined and questioned moments, ideas, and happenings that have inspired and challenged her throughout her choreographic practice. In candid conversations, Siobhan Davies allowed unique insight into her creative practice and what continues to inspire her today.

The films aimed to create conversations about contemporary dance and choreography and between each, the audience were encouraged to connect online with their own thoughts, ideas and questions. View the films on the Siobhan Davies YouTube Channel and search #FutureRecollections online to join the conversation and follow the project.

Episode 1: The Body We Are

For the first episode of the new series, Future Recollections, Siobhan Davies explored The Body We Are. Watch and consider what embodied intelligence is and why the desire to move arises within us

Works Featured include: Bank (1997), Manual (2013), Table of Contents (2014)

Episode 2: Where to Be

In this episode of Future Recollections Siobhan Davies examines how different spaces, territories and environments have influenced the way she has made dance and choreography.

Works featured include: This Side to Body (2002)Two Quartets (2007)Endangered Species (2007)

Episode 3: Amongst Others

Working with others and collaborating to create can be challenging but also rewarding. For episode 3 of Future Recollections Siobhan Davies reflects on working amongst others.

Works featured include: A Series of Appointments (from ROTOR) (2010)material / rearranged / to / be (2017)

Episode 4: Sharing Language

As an artist Siobhan Davies has not restricted her practice to the world of dance and choreography and constantly searched for inspiration from others. For this episode of Future Recollections Siobhan Davies talks to visual artist Clare Twomey about working together and sharing language.

Works featured include:
A Series of Appointments (from ROTOR), 2010, Is It Madness. Is It Beauty, (from ROTOR), 2010

Episode 5: Moving by Frame

Can choreographic ideas be applied to film making? In Moving by Frame, Siobhan Davies considers her work ‘All This Can Happen’ and invites another voice to unpick the themes and ideas held within her work.

In 2012 Siobhan Davies and filmmaker David Hinton made ‘All This Can Happen’, an ambitious film that used choreographic principles and found footage from the earliest days of film and photography to explore new ways to tell stories. Writer and Curator Gareth Evans visited the Siobhan Davies Studios to share his views on the film ‘All This Can Happen‘.

Episode 6: Seeing It Through

For the final episode of Future Recollections Siobhan Davies offers an insight into her creative process. Using images and text from across time and space Davies examines layers of influences that continue to inspire her today.

Works Featured include: Birdsong, 2004

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