The Granby Winter Garden 360° Film

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Shot and edited over three years, The Granby Winter Garden is an immersive 360° film that captures the process of realising the restoration of the Winter Garden’s, former derelict terraced houses at number 37 and 39 Cairns Street in Liverpool. 

Assemble and Granby Four Streets CLT converted the former derelict terraced houses into a new shared space, freely accessible to local residents and the wider neighborhood. The Winter Garden sits at the heart of the Granby neighbourhood, housing a communal indoor garden meeting and events space, and an artist residency accommodation.

The film is set against the backdrop of the community led development of the houses and was created by London collective Assemble with Popla Media and David Betteridge. The video invites viewers to explore the garden and the Granby neighbourhood throughout the course of the project

The 360-degree footage is teamed with the audio of local people discussing the realisation of Granby Winter Garden, drawn from interviews that the team conducted over the three years.

“One of our aims when making this film was to convey the aspirations of the residents themselves and make them the focus of the experience,” explained Popla Media’s Rob Vincent.

“The narrative for the film is therefore delivered, owned and driven by the residents who touch on their feelings about the past and, more importantly, voice their hopes for the future.”

The Granby Winter Garden project was created as part of an ongoing collaboration between Assemble and Granby Four Streets CLT, that has resulted in restoring houses on Cairns Street, bringing them into community ownership, and the creation of Granby Workshop, an experimental architectural ceramics workshop.


The Winter Garden film has been selected for the New Wave Festival in Toronto and picked up awards at the Prisma Awards in Rome and won Best 360 film in the Global Film Awards in LA.

The project has also been chosen by Google Arts and Culture as a special feature.