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With support from The Space, Women & Theatre has launched its own podcast which presents audio drama developed from conversations with people, telling stories about things that matter.

Series 1 ‘For The Past 30 Years’ features dramatic monologues about women who have spent the last 3 decades working in different sectors, followed by discussions led by Women & Theatre‘s Artistic Director, Janice Connolly, in conversation with people with experience of the sector depicted.

This lively and entertaining podcast puts women’s writing, performance and stories centre stage. Series 2, ‘Starting Out’ will feature stories of young women entering the world of work and series 3 will present the stories of 3 women in retirement.

You can subscribe to their podcast for free via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from simply search ‘Women & Theatre’.

About this artist

Women & Theatre is a female-led charity with a values-driven ethos. Their artistic and operational methodology is grounded in an open, collaborative and solution-focussed philosophy and their focus is not limited to women’s experiences and we work with a wide cross section of the community on a range of issues.

They create vibrant theatre that explores the human condition and issues affecting people’s wellbeing in contemporary society. We have a strong track record for developing partnership projects across arts, health, education & community sectors, which achieve measurable outcomes for participants and the wider community. They address the big questions of the day and challenge inequality through giving voice to those under represented or unheard. They develop theatre from research, respecting individual human stories, making our work truly relevant and resonant for audiences.