Make The Ting 360º

In 2022 Grime DJ and producer Elijah wrote 6 words ‘Close The App, Make The Ting’ as a response to a DM, then posted it.

That statement was a vessel, that started with phone screensavers, then posters, then billboards and finally Elijah’s ‘Yellow Squares’ (his ideas posted to social media in post-it note style), and has since been brought to life through a series of sell-out lectures. The core ideas from the Yellow Squares posts have also evolved into an album of tracks, which are available to producers to remix via open source.

All these layers of creation have now been collected together in a live 360º capture which is part grime set, part lecture, part immersive installation. This hybrid, digital experience was part of The Old Market‘s immersive music and technology micro-season in 2023. The theme of the season was democratising tech with access and learning for cross-artform emerging artists, from under-represented backgrounds.

Elijah’s performance showcases the ideas from his Yellow Squares posts about the nature of creativity in the digital age and the importance of taking your ideas offline into the real world – not just doing it for the ‘gram but for yourself and the community you can help create and be a part of. The event was simultaneously live steamed via Meta’s Smart Glasses to Instagram.

Truly, this eclectic mix of mediums is a little hard to explain! Luckily, you can watch the capture below: