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A person wearing a hijab wears a VR headset
Responsible uses of VR – the key principles April 7, 2024

We delve into the ethical dimensions of VR from the perspective of end-users, providing organisations with some useful principles for responsible use.

A person wears a VR headset and a flowery top
Risk assessing digital arts projects – a cultural shift is coming January 10, 2024

The Online Safety Act will be a catalyst for broad cultural change in regard to ethics and online safety. The arts will not be immune from this change.

Two people observe a 360 degree projection of a large blue spherical object floating on a lake
The Quantum Leap July 10, 2023

Dr Libby Heaney's thoughts on the latest developments in AI, quantum computing and why artists and creatives should join the conversation.

Two images of people using VR Headsets. On the left image a person wears a stripy jumper, a white VR headset and their arms are raised. They wear a glow stick bracelet on their left wrist. The right hand image shows a person standing in front of a picture of an eye. They wear a white VR headset. The lighting is dark in each image.
Some of the best VR and AR experiences in the arts April 20, 2023

We take a look at the new and interesting ways storytellers are engaging audiences

An animated image depicting a street in Digbeth, Birmingham. Red bricked buildings line each side of the street, with pavementsand bollards on each . A silver table and 2 chairs is positioned on the right hand pavement. The city scape is featured in the background.
Building and Sharing Digital Worlds March 16, 2023

How recreating real world settings online can help connect with local audiences in innovative ways

Virtual reality: a beginners’ guide for the arts January 13, 2021

Award-winning Catherine Allen, Director of Limina Immersive explains how arts organisations can start to experiment with the possibilities of virtual content.

A woman wearing a VR headset
Creating great audience experiences using 360 and VR February 26, 2020

"It’s the creative and the art that matters, not the technology.”

An animated image of brightly coloured plants and grasses on another planet.
Artificial Intelligence and next generation storytelling January 29, 2020

Examining the role AI can play in creative expression, arts and culture

A red lion with The Harmony of the Great Stars projected in his mouth
A man taking a photo of a statue
Sculpture Cam – a case study in site-specific art February 28, 2019

YSP explains how Sculpture Cam uses digital innovation to bring people to the park and encourages them to share experiences online