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A person wears a VR headset and a flowery top
Risk assessing digital arts projects – a cultural shift is coming January 10, 2024

The Online Safety Act will be a catalyst for broad cultural change in regard to ethics and online safety. The arts will not be immune from this change.

Two people observe a 360 degree projection of a large blue spherical object floating on a lake
The Quantum Leap July 10, 2023

Dr Libby Heaney's thoughts on the latest developments in AI, quantum computing and why artists and creatives should join the conversation.

A computer circuit board bathed in red light
AI could make or break cultural discovery. Will it lead audiences to new experiences? July 6, 2023
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How will AI influence the way people find art, engage with culture, and participate in events, exhibitions, and activities.

One person stands and is silhouetted against a light blue wall. Another person lies on the floor next to them. The standing person wears a VR headset.
The world has moved on from 360 video April 24, 2023

Technological advances provide new ways for the cultural sector to create. But how do we choose which trends to follow and which to approach with caution?

Animated image of time machine in a woodland
The transition from physical to immersive theatre May 10, 2022

Thinking of working with immersive tech? Creative Director of MBD, Paul Long talks about the opportunities and offers his top tips

Stills from Cephalopod Aliens 2019
Programming the weird: A guide to quantum computing for artists July 6, 2021

What are the possibilities created by quantum computing? Libby Heaney examines how this new technology can be used to inspire, provoke and create art

Virtual reality: a beginners’ guide for the arts January 13, 2021

Award-winning Catherine Allen, Director of Limina Immersive explains how arts organisations can start to experiment with the possibilities of virtual content.

An animated image of brightly coloured plants and grasses on another planet.
Artificial Intelligence and next generation storytelling January 29, 2020

Examining the role AI can play in creative expression, arts and culture

A red lion with The Harmony of the Great Stars projected in his mouth
A man taking a photo of a statue
Sculpture Cam – a case study in site-specific art February 28, 2019

YSP explains how Sculpture Cam uses digital innovation to bring people to the park and encourages them to share experiences online