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March 26, 2020

Fiona Morris, CEO and Creative Director of The Space

The Space has been working with the cultural sector since 2012 to increase audience access to the arts using online platforms, and never has this been needed more than at present.

We are all trying to navigate our new reality, with new ways of working, some huge challenges and yet also opportunities to do things differently. This can, for all of us, feel somewhat overwhelming: what to do first/next? how to support employees, freelancers, artists? how can we reach an audience now the venue doors are closed?

Since joining The Space, I’ve always advocated for a test and learn strategy for organisations wanting to embrace digital content and online platforms in their work- you don’t have to do everything at once (so we can all take a deep breath now!).

That applies to us as well- this week we’ve pretty much moved all of our services for the arts sector online, but we will keep adapting as we learn with organisations, artists and our freelance associates what works, what could be better and what emerging needs there are.

We exist as an organisation to serve the needs of the UK cultural sector and its audiences. We’re doing our utmost to support the sector and, in that way, hopefully offer up some genuinely thought provoking, moving, entertaining, even calming cultural content into people’s homes. More details on that below, but we also need your input and feedback to make sure what we are delivering is genuinely useful to you. So, please do let us know.

In the meantime, I hope you can join us for one of our webinars, read our online resources or even consider applying to the commissioning rounds we are running.

Here’s how you can access our services now:

  • Commissioning rounds: we held two commissioning opportunities  – one for Low Cost R&D projects and another – which we managed for the BBC and Arts Council England – for work that responds to the current situation – Culture in Quarantine. Between them, the strands cover a number of areas, from short form social content, low cost live stream and capture to other R&D projects. A good time to try something new or that you’ve been mulling for some time?
  • Workshops: we’ve moved our workshops programme online and you can book via our events page.
  • Online resources: toolkits, guides and case studies- from a beginner’s online audience development toolkit, to live-streaming on a budget to case studies from organisations who’ve built an online audience from scratch

Fiona Morris, Creative Director & CEO, The Space

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