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The Chronicles of Atom and Luna is the epic tale of twins Atom and Luna.

The story centres around heroes 11 year-old twins Atom & Luna who are left home alone in the care of their magical child minder, Iffly Sney. When Iffly falls terribly ill, only the twins can save him by seeking out the mysterious Old Mother Redbeardin the heart of a magical forest. A journey which will change their lives forever.

The Funnelwick Limb project reunites Murray Lachlan Young with the same team who developed his previous VR project The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps.  Murray has once again worked with VR/AR animators MBD Ltd and creative director Nina Hajiyianni, artistic director of Action Transport Theatre in creating the work.

Follow the map through the magical forest to find Old Mother Redbeard’s Cottage and help her set the children free.

Map of an enchanted forest
Atom and Luna – Old Mother Redbeard map

Murray Lachlan Young said

‘During The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps my fellow performer Joe Allen would constantly play Pokemon Go! whilst on tour and I became fascinated with the potential of this technology as a storytelling tool.  And that’s where the idea for Quest for Old Mother Redbeard was born – a kind of traditional story telling ballad told in the form of an AR game where players get to go ahead of our heroes into a mystical forest.  Ultimately I am interested in inspiring in young people a love of language, of story telling, of rhyme and rhythm and what better way to do that then by using tech’

Quest for Old Mother Redbeard is supported by The Space and released on January 28th 2021.

A book and performance ae planned for Autumn 2021.

Chronicle One – Tales from the Forest – a series of six mini audio tales – are also available now to listen to free of charge.

Quest for Old Mother Redbeard, the AR game, is available on both the ANDROID and IOS platforms,

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About this artist

Funnelwick Limb Ltd grew out of the success of The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps.  Launched in April 2019 to considerable critical acclaim – as a book, as an audio drama, as a a tablet game, as a VR experience and as a live show.

Funnelwick Limb exists to develop cross platform storytelling work, primarily but not exclusively, for family audiences.  We combine live performance with family-friendly VR experiences, games and audio content with good old school books.  We want to inspire and enable digitally-savvy young people to get lost in language, learn how to create their own stories using different mediums and develop a live performance habit.  We want to nurture a new generation of cultural creators and consumers, equipped and hungry for words and the kinds of cultural experiences  we can’t yet imagine, unhindered by the barriers to engagement that exist for many today.