Sounds of the Forest

In May 2020, Wild Rumpus asked their global community to submit one-minute sound recordings of woodlands near where they live to contribute to the first global forest soundmap. Sounds of the Forest was created to encourage others across the globe to share in the harmonies of the natural world.


Over 550 people from more than 50 countries have now contributed short audio postcards. The map is being updated regularly as more people record their local woodlands. Not only the sounds of trees, but also the diverse noises of animals across the world have been recorded, from the howls of lemurs in Madagascar to evening nightingale songs in Slovakia and the melodious calls from the Micronesian Starling.


The map also serves as an archive of ecosystems under threat by climate change, recording areas in stress and others being transformed. You can explore the map by clicking below:

Try it out…

Map of the world with yellow pins in it to mark submissions to Sounds of the Forest.