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New for new sake? May 18, 2018

Freya Murray, Programme Manager at Google Cultural Lab for the 'Self-publishing and the arts' essay collection

The Encounter from Simon McBurney - Head on stage
Art and technology, coexistence and innovation May 18, 2018

Part of The Space's Self publishing and the arts essay collection. Matt Clark (Founder, UVA) talks In with the old... In with the new!

A man standing in front of very bright lights
The problem with art on digital platforms is… May 18, 2018

Do digital platforms exploit artists? Artist and digital art curator, Leila Johnston argues that it’s not art’s job to get clicks

Self publishing and the arts May 15, 2018

Representatives from across the creative sector discuss the changing relationship between art and technology

Top six VR and AR experiences in the arts May 10, 2018

A guide to six of the best virtual and augmented reality experiences in the arts

The world’s first live play in Minecraft March 26, 2018

Playcraft Live was the first ever live play performed simultaneously on stage and in the computer game Minecraft. How did Derry Playhouse reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide?

Technology as a storytelling tool November 6, 2017

How 59 Productions combine art and tech to tell amazing stories; set design, live recording, projection mapping, VR and more...

A man holding his eyes open with his hands
Ai Weiwei 360: bringing a landmark exhibition to online audiences July 26, 2017

From audience profiling to digital engagement; How Royal Academy of Arts used 360-degree photography and interactivity to bring Ai Weiwei’s exhibition to a large online audience.

A photo of a man holding his phone up to a robot with a mannequin-like head
A mini wooden version of the 1666 fire of London
Artichoke’s London 1666 – the story of an artwork that went viral May 12, 2017

Find out how Artichoke achieved an audience reach of millions through live streaming