We commission projects across all art forms and cultural disciplines, from live streaming performances to immersive experiences, online collections and digital storytelling. Scroll down for a selection of some of the projects we’ve commissioned.

A room with low lighting with three instruments inside them In C Mali

Watch Africa Express live at the Tate. From your living room.

A still from Loop>>60HZ: City of Drones Loop>>60HZ: City of Drones

Pilot a virtual drone through a city of the future.

A building that looks like a temple built in Minecraft Templecraft

How a burning Temple in Northern Ireland was brought to Minecraft users everywhere

A poster for Live Like a Poet Make Like a Poet

Poetry in motion - on Blackpool Illuminations

A photograph of the Streetwise Opera performance of The St Matthew Passion Streetwise Opera retell The St Matthew Passion

The greatest story ever told. Live in your living room.

A photograph from I’m With The Banned of two people embracing each other Screw the rules. I’m With The Banned

Hear Belarus Free Theatre, Dave Gilmour and Pussy Riot broadcasting the sound of freedom.

A photograph of Bristol at night near the docks See the city differently with Crane Dance Bristol

How do you make a building site beautiful?

A photograph of FKA Twigs holding a flower Join FKA Twigs Inside Soundtrack 7

Where do artists get their ideas? Explore FKA Twigs’ online scrapbook of the sounds, images and stories that inspired her latest dance series.

A poster for Meet Karen. She’ll change your life. Meet Karen. She’ll change your life.

This life coach knows more than she should. But then privacy is so last century...