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Technology as a storytelling tool November 6, 2017

How 59 Productions combine art and tech to tell amazing stories; set design, live recording, projection mapping, VR and more...

Creating a Digital Policy and Plan September 26, 2017

View and download the recent presentation on Digital Planning and Policy in partnership with Arts Council, England

Joe Verrent Senior Producer at Unlimited on sofa in conversation with two people
Access all areas: The Space Interview with Jo Verrent July 26, 2017

Joe Verrent, Senior Producer at Unlimited, helps explain how arts organisations can open up to make their performances, websites and buildings become more accessible.

Scene from fight night
When theatre goes digital September 19, 2016

More and more companies are engaging with digital technology in increasingly inventive ways, putting it at the very core of what they do and pushing the boundaries of audience experience as a result.

Kentucky Route Zero trailer
Games for people who don’t play games September 19, 2016

A list of games that even non-gamers will want to play.

How does copyright work? April 25, 2016

Want to protect your creative work, or use someone else’s? Here’s what you need to know about copyright.