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Strategic Digital Mentoring Programme

Open for applications

Are you a cultural leader who wants to build digital capacity in your organisation?

The Space, supported by Arts Council England, is offering places on its strategic mentoring programme from February to September 2020. The programme is designed to help cultural organisations identify where and how to embed digital as part of their core audience development and creative strategies, with support for two to four mentees from each organisation as part of a cohort of mentored organisations.

We are looking for senior professionals working in arts and cultural organisations who want to take the next steps in building digital capacity. You don’t need to be a digital expert, just someone who is motivated to learn and make positive change in your organisation. We are interested in mentoring a number of people from each organisation, to enable greater change and encourage peer support. We wish to support a diverse range of people and organisations from across England, from small to larger organisations, and across all sectors of arts and culture, including libraries and museums.

The programme will run from end February to September 2020 and will consist of an onboarding workshop with the other organisations in the programme in March, followed by a number of mentoring sessions with a lead mentor, a mid-programme check-in and a reflections and next steps workshop in September.

What we can offer

  • A dedicated, specialist digital mentor throughout the process
  • A detailed diagnostics process which looks at your objectives and what is achievable within the mentoring programme and which will inform the content of the mentoring sessions
  • Tailored advice and focus on developing organisational strategy and long-term objectives around digital content creation, distribution and audience development
  • A number of team mentoring sessions with a specialist mentor, and individual sessions if appropriate
  • Sessions with other mentees on the programme at key points
  • Reflections and next steps workshop

What we would like from you

  • Motivation to really engage with the programme and the sessions
  • Commitment to attend the group workshops in March and September (dates will be published well in advance)
  • Work with the mentors to develop a programme that works for your organisation
  • Honest feedback at all stages of the programme
  • Senior support from within the organisation for the mentees and the outcomes of the programme

To Apply

Organisations can apply online to be part of this programme through an open call:

Deadline for applications is: 12pm midday, Thursday 6 February 2020

If you have any queries about the process or require additional assistance with your application, please email or call 0121 643 1488.


The programme is open to teams in arts and cultural organisations, including libraries and museums, across England.

In order to be eligible, organisations will need to provide a minimum of two people to be mentored, one of whom must be a senior leader in a position to make strategic change across the organisation. Other mentees could include board members, heads of department, artistic leads, production team members, supporting consultants, or fellow senior leaders.

The application form will ask you to demonstrate your organisation’s strategic need for the support and outline who will be involved and how you will identify and measure success.

Participants should ensure that they can devote sufficient time to the programme in order to respond to the mentoring, share learnings across their organisation and take part in the programme’s reporting and evaluation process.

Apply online to be part of this programme

Read the frequently asked questions guidance