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Free digital mentoring for arts and cultural organisations in England 

As we begin to emerge from the flurry of digital activity that’s happened during the Covid pandemic, could your organisation benefit from some time and expert support to think strategically about your approach to digital creative content in future?

If so, you can apply now to our Strategic Digital Mentoring Programme. This free opportunity, funded by Arts Council England, is for a team from your organisation to receive five digital mentoring sessions between August and November 2021, as well as participating in two peer-learning sessions to benefit from insights from other similar organisations.

Any cultural organisation based in England is eligible to apply, including arts organisations, libraries and museums, plus local councils and community organisations working on cultural projects.

The application deadline is 12pm midday, 15 July 2021. Apply by filling in our brief online application form. This will ask you to describe your team, your digital objectives, the support you need and how you plan to measure your success.

We’re also offering free taster webinars on 1st and 6th July, to explain the programme and so you can meet our mentors. See below for more information.

Choose the digital topics your mentoring covers

Mentoring will be tailored to your team’s specific needs. Topics your mentor might help you with include:

  • Where and how you can best engage with audiences/visitors digitally and the types of experiences and interactions you want to offer
  • Improving your online audience development and content distribution strategy, including identifying the most effective channels to engage your target audiences
  • Understanding opportunities to generate revenue online and other ways to use digital content to create value for your organisation
  • Producing digital content: whether sustainable short-form social media content or the cost-effective filming of long-form performances/exhibitions
  • Developing other digital strategies, such as managing the publishing of digitised archive content or re-creating the festival experience online

Benefit from team mentoring and peer group learning

We plan to recruit a cohort of around 12 organisations for this year’s programme. We will then mentor a team of two or three people from each organisation, so you can each support your colleagues to implement the plans you identify. We ask that at least one of your mentees is a senior leader in a position to make strategic change in your organisation. Other mentees could include board members, artistic project leads, production team members, supporting consultants, or fellow senior leaders.

If your team is selected, then between August and November 2021, you will be able to participate in the following Zoom sessions, facilitated by The Space:

  • Five team mentoring sessions, led by a senior mentor from The Space and with guest mentors brought in for specific digital topics, as required. To be scheduled at convenient times for your team
  • A mid-programme peer learning session where your team will be joined by teams from other organisations in the cohort that have similar areas of interest. To be scheduled at a time convenient to each group
  • An end-of-programme group session where the entire cohort will meet to network and share your insights and experiences. This session will take place during November 2021.

Register for a free taster webinar to find out more

To find out more about the programme and experience some digital mentoring advice, please register for one of our two ‘taster’ webinars:

Taster webinar 1 –  Thursday 1st July 2021  2:00pm - 3:30pm
Taster webinar 2 –  Tuesday 6th July 2021 10:30am - 12:00pm

During these 90-minute sessions, we will explain how the programme works and our mentors will share their insights about three of our most popular topics:

  • Finding and developing your online audiences
  • Monetising online content
  • Assessing how lockdown has changed audience behaviours

The mentors can also respond to questions about your organisation’s specific digital challenges, which you can submit in advance or ask during the session. These sessions are free to attend and open to anyone, whether or not you intend to apply for the programme.

Apply online

Access the online application form.

Help with applying

Please read our frequently asked questions.

For further help with applying to the programme, please email or telephone 0121 663 1488 and leave a voicemail message, including your contact details. Our office is currently not staffed because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but voicemail messages will be forwarded to someone who will then contact you.

Our funder

We are grateful to Arts Council England for its funding of this Strategic Digital Mentoring Programme, which is part of a wider Building Digital Capacity Programme it has commissioned The Space to deliver. This programme is designed to build the capacity of the arts and cultural sector to make and distribute digital content.