We commission projects across all art forms and cultural disciplines, from live streaming performances to immersive experiences, online collections and digital storytelling. Scroll down for a selection of some of the projects we’ve commissioned.

A still from The Hatchling of a computer generated group of people and an animal made of paper The Hatchling

A spectacular dragon - the size of a double-decker bus - flies from land over sea

A collage of a person with AR goggles on with mount Fuji in the background Coventry Libraries Digital Spaces

Coventry Libraries Service super-charges its digital and cultural role

A poster for The Sick Room with historical figures in the background The Sick Room

Nineteenth Circle release a collection of work exploring concepts of illness (both mental & physical) during the 19th-century and how these relate to the present-day pandemic

Collage of images from The Growing Project documentary, featuring people filming and home grown potatoes The Growing Project – Documentary

How the lives of Birmingham’s homeless and vulnerable communities are being transformed through gardening together

A still from the film A Little Space A Little Space – The Film

Mind the Gap and Gecko come together to produce an award-winning film based on their critically acclaimed stage production.

A photograph from UK Poetry Slam Final 2021 with Kate Tempest on stage and audience UK Poetry Slam Final 2021

The Hammer & Tongue National Slam Final returns - with a new online interactive element

Nwando Ebizie performing Distorted Constellations in theatrical clothing Nwando Ebizie, Distorted Constellations

Nwando Ebizi'e's video expresses a spectrum of Visual Snow symptoms reimagined as luminous and sonic phenomena